Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Short Haircuts 2013

Hair stylists claim that you just can't go wrong with this popular hair dimension. Short hairstyles are versatile and provide you with an infinite range of styling options. Accentuate your modern attitude towards the latest hairdressing trends by trimming your locks to a flattering length. Save yourself from the long hours spent in front of the mirror with a gorgeous makeover.

Before your hit the salon it is highly recommended to find out more about your beauty options. The hottest stylists of the moment promise to furnish you with a diverse selection of trendy crops. These examples show you how to nail down the cut that brings out the most of your face shape. Go for classy or modern pixie haircuts which dress up your locks with volume and texture. Take a close look at these impressive hair designs complemented with a chic bangs design. See which of these salon-perfect cuts suit your preferences. Messy crops are perfect to break out of your shell and embrace an experimental and versatile short hairdo.

Give your short tresses a futuristic or punked-up flair with the use of wax or texturising paste. Dip your fingers into the hottest hairstyle trends of the moment until you find the 'do which reflects your personality. Super-sleek cuts are perfect to popularize a more classy and sensual look. Use flat iron to maintain the poker straight texture of your strands. Combine your already smashing hairstyle with a gorgeous hair color and other intriguing sculpting details to flaunt your unique new season hairdo.

Medium Length Haircuts 2013

Shoulder length hairstyles can be customized in a several ways especially if you opt for layered haircuts. While a few subtle layers might provide a little more texture, helping you to create focal points more easily, chunky layers are a fabulous option if you wish to add drama to your haircut. While subtle layers can work fairly well for all face shapes, in the case of chunky layers exercising caution and keeping your face shape in mind is recommended. Another aspect that should be taken into account is that chunky layers will need more frequent visits to the salon in order to maintain your haircut looking in great shape.

While the style of the haircut certainly has a major impact on your look, the way you style it is even more important, especially if you decide to go for a few asymmetric touches. Using styling gel or wax is probably one of the simplest and most effective ways to bring out chunky layers. Although simple, this technique can be used to rapidly create a modern hairstyle with a rebellious touch. You don't even have to worry about styling your tresses perfectly: messy hairstyles are a hot beauty trend this season, so let go of the need for perfection and embrace your creative spirit. You might be surprised by the results and you might even expand your style vision.

If you prefer a more romantic hairstyle, opting for a few loose curls or waves is a wonderful idea also. There are many styles you can choose from, depending on your preferences.